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—Ayesha K. Mustafaa, editor, Muslim Journal

Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin, ND, PhD, is one of the most prolific writers addressing the health and well-being of the individual from a holistic perspective. One of his strong points is his consistency in marrying what we eat to the outcome of our health.


Dr. Nuriddin’s Help Yourself to Ultimate Health is a guidebook that breaks down in an easy-to-understand perspective why “sustained action” is necessary for longevity in good health. It cannot be hit-and[1]miss, but let it become a lifestyle with the purpose of good health. He intertwines the virtues of Al-Islam, where the individual’s body has rights on him or her. Therefore, “preventive health care” is mandatory.


Of especial value is his ability/expertise/knowledge of how the body’s early development gives clues to its maintenance—from the “primitive gut tube” to the woes of digestive deficiencies when certain enzymes are depleted to the cleansing of the blood/life source and then in maintenance mode on to the four seasons and what parts of the anatomy to attend to in their respective seasons


He warns us to stop “drugging” ourselves when the body maintains its own abilities to cure itself—if given the right nutrients, including water with the proper pH balance. Rather than making drug companies billions in revenue, he says our pursuit of good health naturally will be its own economic reward without compromising our health or our integrity.


The Holy Qur’an tells us to “save yourselves and your family from hellfire” (66:6). Dr. Nuriddin demonstrates how our eating habits impact our health and how if we pass on proper knowledge to our children, we are indeed saving ourselves and our families from hellfire.


We thank Allah for Prophet Muhammed, through whom He revealed Al-Qur’an and then demonstrated the divine book via his very life as his wife Aesha said, “The Prophet was the Qur’an walking.” In that spirit, Dr. Nuriddin has written a book that walks us through life’s road to a healthy future, avoiding the pitfalls of bad habits and poor consumption that leads to a poor life—physically, mentally, and spiritually. He writes from a wealth of experience.


Thank you, Dr. Nuriddin, for sharing your twenty-plus years of knowledge—unselfishly—through the pages of the Muslim Journal weekly newspaper. And congratulations on the release of your new book, Help Yourself to Ultimate Health.


As-Salaam-Alaikum, the greeting that is a prayer for peace, obligating the one who gives it and the one who receives it to the peace of the Creator

—Dr. Ali Yasin, doctorate of philosophy; founder and CEO of the Billionaire Mastermind Forum and Billionaire Mastermind University; author of The Science of Thinking Rich; and cancer survivor

I am deeply honored and thankful to be asked to give a review of what I will call a must-read. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Nuriddin over the past thirty years. In that period, I have seen 100 percent of his dedication to health, wellness, and prosperity. I have been blessed to work with him over the years. We have joint ventures in marketing health and wellness products. He has been my health coach and spiritual leader throughout our prosperous relationship. Even as of this writing, after so many decades, we are still working together on bringing new category-creating, seed-based nutrition supplements to market. I am honored to say a few words regarding this incredible book.


I suggest you invest your valuable time, money, and energy in endeavors that are worthy. This book is an absolute treasure. Believe me—it is priceless. As you read it, you will discover the rewards of your investment. If you study one section in the book, it sums up the entire message. Developing the ability to do or taking the proper action— without being forced—is a great achievement in life. Having the vision and taking the next step, because you know or sense it’s the proper thing to do, will always produce results.


I yield to the thoughts of Sir Isaac Newton’s law of cause and effect. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every human thought, word, and deed is a cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe, which in turn, creates the effect—whether desirable or undesirable.” This philosophy illustrates that in order for you to achieve ultimate health, you must take action.


The knowledge in this book will enhance your ability to take better control of your life, especially in health. You will acquire the simple knowledge of what is needed to focus on self-care versus health care.


Books can give complicated medical details that become so overwhelming that the layperson is inundated and frustrated. When this occurs, the reader is confused, so the message is lost. Dr. Nuriddin provides an opportunity to understand not only the medical information but the practical application as well. This is a refreshing approach to health and wellness. He offers personal anecdotes that relate strongly to the topic. You are taken on a journey of self-discovery while enjoying the ride.


It is no accident that this book is titled Help Yourself to Ultimate Health. When you go to a buffet, you help yourself. Therefore, you are an intricate element in achieving ultimate health. Your participation is required in reaching optimal wellness. Dr. Abdel Nuriddin takes you by the hand in this comprehensive maze and guides you safely to become a better you.


There are no books on the market that allow this glimpse into universal medical conditions through personal revelation. By the end of this book, you will relate to the author and his family. By the end of this book, you will understand what you need to do to improve your personal health concerns. By the end of this book, you will have a grasp of medical terminology that will assist you in everyday life. But most of all, by the end of this book, you will be empowered with knowledge that will uplift you to help yourself to ultimate health

—Joyce Morant

Help Yourself to Ultimate Health is a very informative book that consists of many different topics. It gives a wider perception of how we should take precautionary measures on what’s put in the body. The author helps us to understand how the human body cells perform, learning the different aspects of the body.


The book also contains information that will be beneficial to young mothers in understanding the eating habits of a child. For example, he speaks of how introducing a child to different types of food too soon can trigger food allergies, which play a substantial part in the child’s intake. People who read this book will become knowledgeable on body development and function.


Dr. Nuriddin has written a book, and he is knowledgeable about the body wellness of people. It will transform the way you learn about medicine altogether. It is a guide to good health. He speaks to the readers in such a simplified way that even a child can understand. There is a lot of truth within the pages of this book. It has an excellent organizational setup and gives a lot of preventive information to a well-rounded, diverse group of people.


He speaks of not only our health but the cleanliness that our bodies need during certain parts of the year that will help prevent diseases. He helps us to understand the human body and how important it is to stay healthy. A brilliant author who knows the value of food and water and what they do for the body.


Reading this book has enlightened me in many ways. I would encourage you to get this book and take your time in reading each word written on each page. You can learn and understand preventative wellness, food, and cleanness, and we can understand more about a better human body development of a healthy life. It would help you to know more about how the body functions. Dr. Nuriddin, thank you for a well-written book.

—John Wesley M., DTh

Society is attempting to function in a dispensation where they place much emphasis on health and wellness. The medical profession spends large fortunes on drugs and physical therapy only to discover that individuals continue to be unhealthier than ever before. The traditional wellness profession recommends changes but continues to spend more time developing ways to make money than ways to correct the numerous health and wellness issues.


Dr. Nuriddin’s approach concentrates on correcting body and mental functions. His concepts are based upon individual body metabolism and structure and not on what I call the “pill concept.” Society designs a pill for every problem and then attempts to deal with the side effects later. Dr. Nuriddin addresses causes first and proper methods to correct the problem.


I highly respect these methods and recommend his concept.

Pedro M.

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease in 2012. Six months after the onset, I suffered non-stop hands, fingers, arm and head tremors. I also experienced rigidity and stiffness of the limbs and trunk, which gets worse during movement.

In July 2014, I was introduced to Soul. I take 3 sachets a day. After two weeks I can walk, stand and sleep without tremors. We are very thankful to our almighty father for giving us these instruments. Thank you Rain International.”

Lashawn L.

“While undergoing PT for knee surgery, I developed sciatica nerve pain as well. My hair stylist shared one pack of SOUL with me, which I drank immediately, because I was in agony while getting my hair done. She also gave me one pack to take later that evening.

The next morning, I had no swelling in my knee, the sciatica nerve pain and the pain in my reconstructed knee was gone. I have been taking two packets of SOUL daily since then and I feel amazingly letter.”

Martha Ross M.


  • 23 years ago Fibromyalgia

  • 22 years ago Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • 13 years ago inserted pain pumps plus 2nd pump inserted 9 years ago


  • After 3 months taking Soul I decrease morphine 150 mgs/day

  • After 6 months successfully completed 1st physical therapy in years

  • After 5 month put wheel chair away, no longer need a cane

Henry M.

“Dr. Nuriddin has a wealth of knowledge about herbal medicine, natural healing, holistic healing, and spiritual, mental, as well as physical health.”

Baseemah H.

“I thought Dr. Abdel Nuriddin’s health workshop was exceptionally informative with knowledge we all should share with every person (Muslim and Non-Muslim).

The late Imam W. Deen Mohammed really wanted us to learn and be involved in practicing better health steps for ourselves. He wanted us to have more clarity from nutritional experts and medical doctors to help us make informed decisions.

I am thankful for Dr. Nuriddin’s dedication and concern to bring these workshops to our community.”


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013 and had surgery June 2013. After suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, I discovered SOUL. The Chemo side effects disappeared. Soul healed my body and mind, and gave me back my life. I joined as a RAIN partner and still drink two packets of SOUL a day.”

Rev. Emmanuel O.

“I recently attended Dr. Abdel Nuriddin presentation at the Masjid Bilal in Cleveland Ohio.   I must say, that I was pleasantly surprised at the detail information that he provided.  I was very enlightened by his knowledge of the health issues and remedies.  I would recommend anyone that I know to attend his workshop.”

Francois H.

“Dr. Nuriddin is amazing and a wealth of wise knowledge. He has taught me more about health and wellness in the last 11 months than any other doctor. I highly recommend him.”

Scott “Rhino” H.

“Dr. Nuriddin is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about his clients. He’s a fantastic doctor and a super human being as well. A true servant leader who can help us prosper in both wealth and wellness.”

Mubaashir Uqdah

Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin is a Naturopathic doctor who is a prolific writer and speaker on the subject of natural health and healing. When you read or listen to Dr. Nuriddin, you will always learn something new. He loves the subject. He understands the subject. He practices the subject, and he loves teaching and helping others grow and benefit by sharing his knowledge of the subject with them. He is indeed a quintessential subject matter expert in this field.

Do you want to learn how the human body works, what is good for it and what is bad for it? Do you want to understand the logic of how minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and herbs, interact with your body’s physiological processes to lead to good health and how the lack of these nutrients lead to disease and bad health? If so, Dr. Nuriddin is a great resource for lectures, books, nutritional products, and personal advice all aimed at helping you live a happier, healthier, wholesome life. As the title of his latest book says, "Help Yourself to Ultimate Health," the rest is up to us.

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