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Help Yourself To Ultimate Health

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but when it comes to your health, it’s all about results.

Abdel Jaleel Nuriddin, owner of Genesis Health and Nutrition Center, draws upon the lessons of the Holy Qur’an to share how we need to change our thinking when it comes to our health. Learn how to:


• cease the intake of matter that causes disease;


• detox your body to rid yourself of what’s contributing to your


current problems;


• replenish your body with lost nutrients; and

• cultivate good habits, such as getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly, and meditating.

He also examines the ideas of healers such as Dr. Bernard Jensen, Victor E. Irons, Dr. Bill Horosh, and others who have promoted cleansing internal organs and using herbs and enzymes to bolster health—effective ways to escape the dark corridors of America’s health care system.


Fighting disease is a losing battle, but you’ll enjoy positive results when you apply the lessons in Help Yourself to Ultimate Health


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